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I mentioned in a previous post that there were things I wish I’d known sooner in my career. Things that would have helped me get a little farther along than I am now. Today I thought I’d share my two cents on what I wish I’d known about leadership.

What leadership means to me (and what it should mean to you)

When I say leadership I’m referring to the ability of one person, responsible for accomplishing something, causing that thing to become reality by creating a plan and inspiring others to action. …

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tl;dr: Getting negative comments? Look at your metrics before you go and delete a post

Let me tell you two stories. They are similar setups but have different outcomes.

I once spent many weeks pitching and prepping Company A, a small B2B computer company to do a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) event. Their brilliant engineers would answer questions about the ins and outs of complex networking, their careers, or whether they’d prefer to fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses.

When the AMA started, within minutes, trollish comments began. And within minutes, my client pulled the plug on…

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No up-front summary for this article, dear reader. You’re going to have to slog through it to get to the good stuff the way I came up with the content for it — the hard way. But I’m confident you’ll find at least something morsel of use.

My career in marketing has spanned just about 17 years now. I’ve had good times, bad times, great times, confusing times. Your career has likely had the same, or will have the same. I guarantee it. But what you may not realize along the way (or in retrospect…) is what you’re picking up…

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Okay business thinkers, please know that this post is a thought experiment. I’m not providing any answers, I’m just asking you to consider a way of thinking.

Let’s go into more detail on that title.

You can spend days plotting out a digital marketing strategy in minute detail, accounting for every possibility, work-shopping it to colleagues and stakeholders until it’s a shining jewel…and it could fail. Or you could instead come up with a bunch of wacky ideas that, who knows, just might work, and test them out in little self-contained pilot programs. You don’t design them to fail, you…

It’s not good to play tug-of-war with dogs but boy is it fun

I recently wrote about how organic social media is dead. In response a dear former colleague asked me to comment on how to get stakeholders to invest in paid social ads. So here we go.

To all my vendor partner readers: You’re welcome.

To my other readers: This isn’t a short read but if you have this challenge I say it behooves you to read right on through. Get a drink and get comfortable.

If you’re struggling to hit goals with organic posts, this is for you

In the aforementioned article I hearkened to the fact that organic metrics aren’t what they used to be. If you rely on organic social posts to…

Or How to Learn Two Things at Once in One Article

I’ve taken up any number of unexpected new interests in this year of pandemic-related lockdown, but deciding to make doughnuts has proven among the more challenging to master. I’ll get into why shortly, but the important part here is that my mind wandered. I’ve been on a “re-examine accepted best practices to see if they still work” kick lately so that’s where my thinking went. And that’s what this article touches upon.

By the way, if you’d like to give this a try yourself, I used this recipe from The New York Times.

Overly dramatic header image — check!

Someone reading this right now is just about into the second shake of their head at my audacious title. Reader, I salute you. Everyone else, bear with me. And if you can’t be bothered to read the whole thing, jump to the end for the tl;dr.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on organic social metrics as long as I have, you’ll have noticed a definite downward trend across the major social networks. Yes, there was a time where you could post to your Facebook Page and get solid engagement with minimal effort. Alas, those days are long over. But…

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Yes, but most likely no.

Yes, a corporate brand can be an influencer on social media. But there are many limitations, necessary and otherwise, that keep that from being a possibility. And though they are surmountable, I would argue most corporations aren’t willing to go there for the reasons I will outline below.

First, let’s define “influencer” (skip this part if you think you already know)

Size. They have a social following whose size is significant relative to their area of influence. So someone in fashion, for example, would need a following in the tens of thousands, minimum, to qualify. …

Dog waiting for treat, licensed under Creative Commons: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Dog_with_treat.jpg

If you were to hire a social media manager you might think a defining trait to look for would be, ohhhhhhh I dunno, in-depth knowledge of various social platforms. Or perhaps it’s the ability to create content that goes viral. But I would argue there is one defining trait that supersedes them all.


That can’t be it

Just as important as knowing when to post to social media, or what to post, or how to post, it is important to know when not to post.

Every social manager has dearly wished to say something they knew they would regret. The equivalent of starting…

Trigger warning: This is a work of fiction but deals with the death of a child. Some readers may find this upsetting and are advised not to continue.

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